Master letting go and creating new perspectives for moving forward!


Are you stuck in the past and having trouble moving into the future? Are you constantly judging yourself for the mistakes you think you have made?

Are you going through a break-up or divorce? Do you fear you won’t be able to take care of your financial needs on your own? Are you feeling angry and hurt and trying to recover from a crushed spirit?

Are you facing the loss of your home or a job and experiencing guilt, shame or blame? Are you contemplating changing your career or starting a business, but are confused as to which direction to follow?

questions2Does your life feel like it has been turned upside down and you don’t recognize YOU anymore?

dreamstime_xs_29712948I hear you. I’ve experienced those times when it seemed like the bad news didn’t stop and the obstacles were insurmountable.

It is your beliefs, past experiences, reactions and expectations that effect how you handle the setbacks and defeats in your life and ultimately what can change the experience.

Would you like to crush the “ROADBLOCKS” and start blazing your own path so you are back on top of the mountain?  You can.

At SHEmastery

we believe that it is your expectations that affect the outcome of any situation. 

At SHEmastery

we believe that when you view your situation from a new perspective, your view of the situation changes. 

At SHEmastery

we believe that SELF-ACCEPTANCE is the key to letting go of the experiences that have been keeping you stuck in the past. 

thumbsupSHE-graphic-whiterises above conflict, control and conclusion and her relationships become one of cooperation and connection.”

Isn’t it time to give yourself permission to BE happy, to stop holding on to the resentment and blame?

At SHEmastery, the goal is for you to love YOU for the PRESENT you are and not let the judgment and guilt define you.

When you are master setbacks and defeats on the road of life ….

  • you Celebrate the wins instead of losses
  • you turn fear into Opportunity
  • you Trust that the outcome will be positive
  • you make Connections that support you and align with your purpose and direction
  • you Believe you can overcome any roadblock with ease
  • you Adapt quickly to any situation that unfolds
  • you Let Go of expectation and start following your heart
  • you exude Calm and Confidence
  • and you Create experiences that you love to live

At SHEmastery, Theresa will guide you through the process of choosing YOU. She will share new perspectives that will change the way you see yourself and how you interact with those around you.  She will help you become aware of and clear all the ways you have been giving up tiny pieces of yourself through:

  • Conforming (trying to live up to the expectations of society, religion, family)
  • Compromising (choosing to put other people’s wants, needs and wishes before your own)
  • Criticizing (judging and blaming yourself and others)
  • Comparing (seeing others as better than you)
  • Controlling (forcing things to happen rather than trusting)
  • Conflicting (being in resistance to yourself and others)
  • Concluding (tiny decisions that become your belief system, not allowing you to have choice)


“Mastering the setbacks and defeats begins with forgiving yourself and choosing to take one SHE-step at a time towards your happiness; it means being in complete and total alignment with YOU so that your life works for YOU instead of against YOU.”

The only place you can start is where you are at Now and the only person
you can be is the person you choose to be. When you let go
of having to be perfect nothing can stand in your way.

Ready to let SHEmastery help you connect with your SHE?

SHEmastery Circle

$79 each Month

SHEmastery Circle is a community of like-minded women taming their fears and mastering their world one choice at a time in a safe, supportive, energizing community space.

The next SHEmastery circle is Thursday, September 10th from 6:00pm – 8:00pm

SHEmastery Moment

2.5 Hours  $297

You know you need a SHEmastery Moment when you have veered off course, forgotten who you are, or you find yourself waiting for your real life to begin.

Your SHEmastery Moment will help you reset and reboot your life by giving you permission and a safe place to be honest with yourself, tame your fears and master your world by clearing, finding comfort and confidence in your own skin and claiming your life.

choose SHE!
claim SHE!
be SHE!