SHE-graphic who masters her world …

Paints bold strokes on the canvas of her life

Confidently expresses who she is, what she stands for,
and makes no apologies for her choices


Plays full out in every moment


Leaves fear at the door and faces challenges with ease

Is grounded in her truth even when no one stands with her

Is confident and comfortable in her own skin

Lets go of real and imagined constraints that hold her back
so she can create a life she loves to live.

No two ‘s are alike, each one is unique and on a path different from every other SHE.

At SHEmastery, each SHE masters her life her way and embarks on a different journey of self-discovery, self-allowance, and self-love to become the confident, brilliant that she has always wanted to be.

Women who work with Theresa experience A SAFE place to:

  • talk about their fears and what’s really going on in their life without any judgment, guilt or blame
  • practice being their true selves
  • experiment with a more powerful way of being
  • reset and reboot work, life & relationships based on truth
  • feel validated and listened to

Women gain New PERSPECTIVES, tools, and strategies to:

  • identify and clear blind spots, blocks, patterns, beliefs, thoughts and habits that are holding them back
  • look at life and choices in a new way
  • build a solid foundation of confidence and comfort being in their own skin no matter what
  • recognize how certain choices, playing it safe and small thinking is limiting them
  • learn new ways of being, instead of being controlled, falling into conformity, habitual or conditioned behavior
  • speak their truth, play bigger, and take the right risks for more reward
  • trust, love and connect to their new self and new reality at a deeper level
  • let go, accept or change the things that no longer work for them

When you choose to MASTER YOUR WORLD, Theresa will help you:

  • learn to make choices that help you reach your desired outcome
  • create a new higher version of yourself and be supported in stepping into these new choices
  • rise above the thoughts, judgments, criticism, demands and expectations of self & others
  • build your confidence by measuring & celebrating every choice, progress and shift
  • expand your possibilities for making progress and moving forward
  • manage fears, emotions, energy and time to match and align with new choices
  • feel more fulfilled, aligned and authentic with your true SHE

There are two ways you can get started on your SHEmastery journey TODAY:

SHEmastery Circle

$79 each Month SHEmastery Circle is a community of like-minded women taming their fears and mastering their world one choice at a time in a safe, supportive, energizing community space. The next SHEmastery circle is Thursday, September 10th from 6:00pm – 8:00pm


SHEmastery Moment

2.5 Hours  $297

You know you need a SHEmastery Moment when you have veered off course, forgotten who you are, or you find yourself waiting “weighting” for your real life to begin.

Your SHEmastery Moment will help you reset and reboot your life by giving you permission and a safe place to be honest with yourself, tame your fears and master your world by clearing, finding comfort and confidence in your own skin and claiming your life.


choose SHE!

claim SHE!

be SHE!