What is SHE Mastery?

At SHE Mastery we believe that all women are born in perfect harmony with themselves, truly one in what they know and believe about who they are. It is through our childhood programming that certain aspects of the SHE spirit become crushed, lost and forgotten by well meaning teachers, parents and friends.

dreamstime_xs_24622815The rules and expectations that society places on us, form our beliefs about what we can and cannot do, what is and isn’t acceptable behavior and ultimately this programming creates the parameters of our thinking and limitations.

At SHE Mastery, we believe that when ‘she’ becomes aware of and recognizes these patterns, she can then shift her perspective and form new behaviors and ways of thinking, becoming aligned with her true ‘SHE’ once more.

As your true SHE emerges, your purpose becomes clearer, things becomes easier, and you begin to master all aspects of your life and relationships from the inside out. This is when you will know what it feels like to “create your life” on your terms with your rules.

  • Self Mastery becomes your way of life, not a destination to be achieved at some point in the future.
  • Self Mastery becomes your connection to YOU, all of YOU in the present moment of NOW.
  • Self Mastery is about daily successes that become your new plan of action.
  • Self Mastery means making choices that work for you instead of against you.


As you align with your true SHE and leave behind the ‘she’ society has created you as, you then reach a state of Well Being balanced in all of your SHE. There is a clarity in your choices as every choice is in alignment with YOU and outside influences no longer rule your world.

You become the MASTER of your choices … you make the rules to live your life by … and you become the SHE you always knew you could be!

Theresa’s Story

It wasn’t that long ago that I woke up one morning wondering what life was all about. From all appearances I had the perfect gig – a nice home, a good job, and a great family.

And, I did.

But, I wasn’t happy.

Something was missing.

And that something was ME.

As I began to ask questions, teachers began to show up and I realized that I wasn’t living a life that was in alignment with my true “SHE”.

Somewhere in the process of striving to achieve the degree, the job, the marriage, the family, I stopped being ME.

I stopped doing the things that made me happy and more importantly I stopped pursuing my dreams. I began to conform with what I believed was expected of me. I was trying so hard to please everyone else, that I stopped doing what made ME happy and I was miserable.

Fast forward 12 years later and … I LOVE MY LIFE.

What changed?

I learned one fundamental truth – I needed to include ME in my life. Whether I was happy or miserable was up to me and that it all began with my relationship with myself.   As I began to know me, I began to trust in me, and that allowed me to ‘release’ the programming, the excuses, the settling for less than, the self-doubt, the need for outside approval and … I gained new found confidence. I learned that I truly had the power to create the magical life that seemed only to live in my imagination. I stopped listening to outside influences and started listening to my inner guidance.

Now, I wake up every morning and I get to choose what works for me and best of all I get to help other women choose what works for them too.

As the owner of SHEmastery, I have created a safe place for YOU to have conversation, to be heard, to find yourself. It is my hope that you will choose to rise above ALL the thoughts, judgments, criticism, demands and expectations that are weighing your world down.

Every day is truly rewarding, as I see my clients experience ah ha moments that bring them more and more in alignment with themselves as they become the SHE they have always wanted to be.

It is my wish that every woman can experience self-acceptance, confidence and clarity to live a life they love to live.

Are you ready to master a world that works for you?


I would love to help facilitate you on your journey.


Find out how you can get started today.

choose SHE!

claim SHE!

be SHE!